ברוכים הבאים

This is just a collection of articles that have not been published anywhere else.

Every week, I used to have a leadership meeting. In my notes, I always included an “of interest” section with a healthcare topic or perhaps something else. I stole the idea from a favorite former medical director. It made sometimes dry notes and statistics more palatable. And my colleagues conceded that it was often the only weekly report they read. This is a grander version of the “of interest” section.

In the worlds of commercial and academic publishing, there isn’t always a voice for every type or style or article. A blog give me my turn to speak about what interests me, and what might interest the public… and it is strictly my own opinion; not backed by an institution, agency, or other controlling body. I write in my spare time.

A few articles have been edited by my own friends and colleagues; most have not.

Above all, medfly is a blog: sort of a mix of academic writing, journalism, and storytelling. It is writing, not dialogue. I have no editor, no fact checker, no test kitchen, no staff of reviewers.

I do my best to present accurate information to the best of my knowledge. You may notice that some articles have been corrected over time. I don’t always catch all of the typos; sometimes I need to rephrase a section. But–hey–it’s a blog, not a definitive work.

I claim to be an authority on the following subjects: nothing.

All photos I have used have been identified as license for non-commercial reproduction. If a photo is otherwise licensed, it has been wrongly identified by a search engine.

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